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Makari Exclusive Brightening & Toning Milk Lotion

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  • Category: Skin Care
  • Brand: Makari De Suisse

1 x 16.8oz Bottle of Exclusive Toning Milk by Makari
A safe alternative to harmful skin bleaching creams
Powerful moisture that brightens and heals. A luxury lotion specially designed for beautiful black skin!
Specs & Details
16.8 ounces [500ml]
Contains naturally-based OrganiclarineTM
No chemicals or bleach
Cruelty free
Use 1-2x per day up to 3x per week

How to Enjoy
Apply to desired area and massage in completely
Never use on or around the face and eyes [body only]
Repeat up to three times a week for maximum lightening results.
See stretch marks, acne scars, and freckles fade away
Use Makari's Hand & Body Lotion on alternate days for healthy hydration.
Unveil your glowing complexion in as little as two weeks!
First time Makari users: try our Body Beautifying Milk before using this powerful product.
Makari Exclusive Skin Toning Milk 16.8oz Lightening, Brightening & Toning Body Lotion with Organiclarine Advanced Active Intense Whitening Treatment for Dark Spots, Acne Scars, Sun Patches.


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