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Makari Exclusive Active Intense Advanced Lightening Toning Cream

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  • Category: Skin Care
  • Brand: Makari De Suisse

Benefits of Active Intense Advanced Lightening Toning Cream with Organiclarine 50g - Max Strength 
- 1.7 oz (50ml) tube
- Removes blemishes & increases radiance
- Fades dark areas of the skin such as freckles, age and liver spots. 
- Made using Organiclarine, an extremely powerful all-natural lightening agent.
- For use on the face only.
- Can be applied all over the face as an all-encompassing treatment to fade dark spots and prevent new ones from developing.
Makari products are made from all natural plant extracts from the earth, and contain properties from the sea. The Makari line has no bleach, no chemicals and no hydroquinone, which is known to be harmful to the skin. By using such ingredients as algae, aloe vera, caviar, citric acid, lemon, malic acid, mulberry, salicylic acid, seaweed and vitamin C, they naturally heal and clear the skin.


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