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Eid Sale 1st - 3rd July 

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Follow these Foundation Hacks for a Flawless Skin

Follow these Foundation Hacks for a Flawless Skin
Who in the world doesn’t love foundations I mean is there any girl who can stay away from them? Since if there is one way by which you can get a completely spotless, clear and perfect skin in a moment, leaving a normally shining skin throughout the day, which is just by applying a foundation.

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A significant number of despite everything us don't know how to use the foundation perfectly. But stop worrying, as I am going to let you know all the foundation hacks that you can learn to get a flawless skin within minutes. So let’s get started:

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  1. Lookout for that perfect shade that matches your skin tone. I recommend apply a little part of it on your jawline and proceed to a place where you can see the color properly. On the off chance that the shading vanishes or blends with the tone of your skin, at that point it is a flawless one.
  1. Picking a shade lighter than your skin tone is an entire myth and shouldn't be paid notice to. This is on account of when you touch as well light and as well white foundation under your eyes it looks as though you have tanning while you were wearing your shades.
  1. Another part is to use a correct foundation brush while applying it for a smoother finish. While numerous makeup artists swear by utilizing fingertips with regards to mixing foundation, I propose you stick to purchasing the correct applicators for it. You can also go for a beauty blender or sponges to apply and blend your foundation properly.
  1. Always begin first by applying a moisturizzer with SPF to let the concealer coast on easily on your skin. This progression will likewise verify that in the present summer months you can overcome the sun without incurring much damage to your skin. Give no less than 5 minutes rest to your skin before you go ahead to the following stage.
  1. Now thinking about how to apply your foundation the right way? To do as such spot on no less than seven dots of foundation – begin by applying two on your temples, one on tip and one in favor of your nose, two over your jaw and one at the edge of your face. Presently simply ahead and mix this rich blend in a down or sideways, and not in upwards bearing.
  1. Finish the look with a matte powder or a loose powder. You can go for the loose powder as this translucent powder helps in keeping the skin gleaming throughout the day.
  1. If you’re a person who loves glowy skin like me then use a highlighter under your foundation. The highlighter helps in shielding the full scope foundation from looking dull or matte as the day advances.
So that’s all for now, I hope with these foundation hacks, you can wash and swash your everyday makeup schedule all inside 10 minutes, that excessively looking impeccably lovely throughout the day!

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