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Sale extended till 12th July

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Long-Lasting Summer Makeup Tips

Hey there, girls! Well, the spring/summer season is here and so is the scorching heat, sigh. It is definitely an enjoyable season however not a lot for the ladies who have to wear makeup everyday and keep it flawless throughout. Trust me that’s a hassle but choosing the right products and applying them the right way can help you achieve your desired results.
Apart from everything else, what frustrates you the most? Not to make your makeup look like a disaster and without making it look like you’ve just stepped out of an oil container, right? I am sure you must be looking for answers on how to make it last longer without looking like a disaster.

So, if you want your makeup to look perfect without getting your foundation streaky and eyeliner smudged then I am going to provide you some of the best makeup tips that can help you maintain that flawless morning makeup look till the night.

Tips for a Flawless Makeup Look Throughout the Day


Use a Primer/Toner/Setting Spray

The first most step towards your target is to apply a toner after washing your face. Make sure your face is super clean and has no dirt or makeup from the last night. This will help control all the unwanted oil from your skin and balance its pH level.
Now, it is time for prepping your skin, so use a good setting spray before and after your makeup. Don’t forget to use a good quality primer if you want your makeup to stay longer without getting greasy. Another bonus point of using a primer is that you have a super clean and smooth canvas (your face) to paint on.

Sunscreen is A Must

Summers means scorching heat, sun and a lot of sunrays coming your way that can harm your skin in so many ways that you don’t know about. Girls, please do not step out of your house without applying a sunscreen whether it is summer or winters. Trust me, you will thank me later for this tip.
Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that result in extreme skin damage that may also cause aging and fine lines. So, don’t forget this miracle product at any cost. Moreover, most of the foundations nowadays have an SPF so choose wisely.

Choose a Long Lasting Foundation

So, if you want to wear a foundation make sure it is a long-lasting formula and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. So, pick a foundation according to your skin type and make sure to apply it properly.

Don’t Forget your Loose Powder

Anther amazing tip is to always use a compact or a loose powder to keep your shine at bay and make your foundation last longer. Also, keep a compact powder in your purse always because you never know where you might just land after work, college etc.

Waterproof Eyeliner

This is for those girls who cannot say no to eyeliner even in the hot weather. So, make sure to use a waterproof formula that stays all day long without smudging. The same thing goes for the mascara; choose the one with a waterproof formula.

Makeup Setting Spray is a Must

Makeup setting sprays work like magic in the summers to provide you a lightly dewier effect than powders. If you have a very oily skin make sure to use an oil free setting spray with a loose powder to keep all that shine away from your face.
So these were some of the tips that can help you achieve that flawless makeup look for the whole day. Go ahead and include them in your everyday makeup routine for a flawless makeup all day.

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