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Cle de Peau Synactif Daytime Moisturizer SPF 19

Rs.36000 - Rs.27000 36000 27000
(Inclusive of 17% GST)
1 In Stock
  • Category: Skin Care
  • Brand: Cle De Peau


Key Benefits
Leaves skin hydrated and smooth, with a feeling of reawakened beauty.
Gives skin a smooth, finely textured surface that improves the application and wear of foundation and promotes a vital, energetic look.
Minimizes visible pores, wrinkles, dullness, and dryness to bring an exceptional evenness to the surface of the skin and beautify facial contours.
Helps protect against dryness, oxidation, and UV rays that can cause premature aging and damage the healthy functioning of skin.
Inspires a feeling of moisture and smoothness in skin all day long and helps prevent dryness and fine lines in the delicate eye area.
Scented with a soft and subtle fragrance born of Rose SYNACTIF to bring unparalleled elegance to your daily skincare regimen.
*Methyl Aminomethylcyclohexane Carboxamide HCI
How to Use
Contains the Clé de Peau Beauté exclusive ingredient MACC-PD.*
After applying lotion, take a pearl-sized amount (dispense once) and place on 5 areas of your face (cheeks, forehead, nose and chin).
Starting from your cheeks and other open areas, work carefully from the center of your face outward, blending it into every crevice and corner.
Use the tips of middle and ring fingers of both hands to apply light pressure along the lymphatic flows.
Move from the center of the forehead toward the temples and progress down past the ears and along the face lines.
From the inner tip of the eyebrows, press along lower part of the brow bone, moving down past the ears and along the face line.


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